3rd Annual Triathlon Ride

*** PATCH RIDE ***

You must participate in the entire Triathlon for the patch. However, you are welcome to choose any part of the ride.

Breakfast and Sign-in:

Location: La Hacienda Paloma  (Near Randall’s in Town Center)
 4850 Kingwood Dr.
 Kingwood, TX 77345
 (281) 318-7192
Arrival – 8:00 AM
Depart – 9:00 AM


Location: Neches River Wheelhouse
 720 Lee
 Port Neches, TX 33651
 (409) 853-1249
Arrival – 11:45 AM
Depart – 1:30 PM


Location: Topwater Grill
 815 Avenue O
 San Leon, TX 77539
 (281) 339-1232
Arrival – 5:00 PM
Depart – When you are Ready

1. This is a patch ride.
2. In order to earn the patch participants must attend all 3 culinary destinations.
3. Participants may participate in any part of the ride. (See #2 above)
4. No alcohol will be allowed prior to arrival at Topwater Grill
5. Departure from Topwater Grill will not be part of the official ride.
6. Everyone is on their own, regarding when and how to get home.

Neches River Wheelhouse in Port Neches, TX H-D Planner GPX File
……….Neches River Wheelhouse to Topwater Grill H-D Planner GPX File
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